Panzer Corps: Operation Sea Lion announced!

By Nik Gaukroger 29 Jul 2015 0

If it doesn’t top the list of “what ifs” of World War 2 it must be near the top – we’re talking Operation Sea Lion, the planned German invasion of Britain. Today Slitherine/Matrix announce that they are to release a Sea Lion campaign DLC for their massively successful Panzer Corps franchise.



“[However] a German invasion of England would be a matter of life and death for the British, and they would unhesitatingly commit their naval forces, to the last ship and the last man, into an all-out fight for survival”  Erich Raeder, commander-in-chief of the Kriegsmarine

Great Britain, the propulsive core of the British Empire, is surrounded. After the fall of Scandinavia and France only a few miles of sea divide the land of Albion from the Reich. It’s only thanks to the Home Fleet and to the Royal Air Force that the Germans are not yet raising their flag on the Big Ben.

But for how long?

Panzer Corps: Operation Sea Lion is the latest expansion of the multi award-winning strategy title Panzer Corps, and it is focused on one of the most famous what if scenarios of the Second World War: the cancelled (but planned) German invasion of the British Isles, which was the plan to put an end to the war on the Western Front and to force the remnants of the Commonwealth forces around the World to surrender.

The campaign can be started with the core force from DLC 40, so you can begin the invasion of England with the core forces that emerged victorious in France. Alternatively players can start with a preset core force.

Scenario list

Channel Islands, Eagle Attack, Dover, Canterbury, Gravesend, Crossing the Thames, Basildon, Luton, Brighton, Newick, Guildford, Reading, Farnborough, Milton Keynes, Gibraltar, Lyme Regis, Minehead, Plymouth, Shepton Mallet, Bristol, Besieging London, Storming London, Oxford, Coventry, Irish Sea, North Sea, Hadrian's Wall, Antonine's Wall, Orkney Islands, Reykjavik.

Operation Sea Lion is an expansion for Panzer Corps and requires Panzer Corps to be played



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