Panzer Corps getting three U.S. Corps expansions

14 Apr 2016 1

The only people I've found that don't like Panzer Corps are the people who haven't played Panzer Corps. It's a brilliant recreation of 90's wargame sensation, Panzer General, and it keeps getting better as more and more expansions are added. It's latest expansion, Soviet Corps, arrived in February and gave you the opportunity to play the Red Army. Slitherine just announced not one, but three new expansions coming to Panzer Corps which place you in control of the U.S. forces between 1942 and the war's end. Each new expansion is titled U.S. Corps and will be based on a different theater of the war.

The first expansion will be subtitled U.S. Corps '42 and will focus on Operation Torch and the fight in North Africa. The second will be titled '43 and will focus on Operation Husky and the road to Rome. The final expansion is titled '44-'45 and will focus on the Western Front and include Operation Overlord and the fight to Berlin. The first two expansions will have 16 scenarios each, while the final expansion will have 18. Here's the full list:

  • U.S. Corps - '42
    • Formation
    • Achnacarry
    • Casablanca
    • Oran
    • Djebel Abiod
    • Tebourba
    • Morning Air
    • Kasserine battle
    • Spring Wind
    • Sbiba Pass
    • El Guettar
    • Hills
    • Enfidaville
    • Mateur
    • Bizerte
    • Tunis
  • U.S. Corps - '43
    • Gela
    • Gela counterattack
    • Agrigento
    • Palermo
    • San Fratello
    • Troina
    • Messina
    • Salerno landing
    • Defence of Salerno beachhead
    • Naples
    • Volturno Line
    • Operation Diadem
    • Anzio link-up
    • Anzio landing
    • Anzio defence
    • Anzio breakout
  • U.S Corps - '44-'45
    • Omaha Beach
    • Pointe du Hoc
    • Carentan
    • Cotentin
    • Cherbourg
    • Avranches
    • Brittany
    • Caen
    • Falaise
    • Aachen
    • Rur
    • Sankt Vith
    • Bastogne
    • Houffalize
    • Remagen
    • Torgau
    • Wargames
    • Operation Unthinkable

As these are all expansions for Panzer Corps, you'll need the base game to play them. Lucky for you, it's available on Steam. We don't have a release date for these expansions, but there's plenty of stuff to do in the base game and other expansions to keep you busy until they arrive.

If you want to try your hand at the expansions sooner--and also make sure they're in top notch shape when they launch--you can sign up to help beta test the expansions right now. Head here to sign up.



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