Paradox releases sci-fi empire builder, Stellaris

09 May 2016 1

It's been a long time coming, but today Paradox Interactive's 4X game amongst the stars, Stellaris, has gone live. Stellaris, much like Paradox's other empire-builder Europa Universalis, is a real-time affair. Unlike their other fare, however, these empires will span the galaxy instead of merely crossing an ocean.

In Stellaris, players must guide a species of their own design to power and glory in the depths of space. From humble beginnings as players leave their home planet and explore the unknown, to tense “first contact” moments with alien species, to the difficult choices and responsibilities of managing diplomatic relationships with other star-faring races,

The galaxy maps for each game are randomly generated, ensuring that no two games will be alike. Oh, and, while there is AI for solo play, the game also ships with the possibility of playing with up to 32 other humans in massive, galaxy-wide online battles.

Stellaris is available now for PC/Mac/Linux on Steam. The vanilla version runs $40 but, of course, there are more expensive "collector" versions that throw in knick-knacks, if that's your thing.



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