Paradox reveals Stellaris, their first sci-fi grand strategy game

By Owen Faraday 06 Aug 2015 0

So it turns out our speculation the other day was mostly correct -- the best kind of correct. Paradox's mysterious Project Augustus is indeed a science fiction grand strategy game set in the far future -- the first time the Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron makers have ventured outside of historical settings.

One thing that wasn't right from the fan theories going around was the notion that Stellaris is set in someone else's fictional universe. Paradox confirmed to me yesterday that Stellaris is an entirely original IP, and the studio also told me that they intend to continue their long-established tradition for extensive modding support.

The setting isn't the only thing changing: Stellaris will borrow some elements you might expect from a 4X game. The universe will be randomly generated each game and mostly uncharted -- exploring it will be a big part of the game. There's also a big emphasis here on multiplayer, with dozens of players being able to take part in a single game if they choose.

I've got a chat lined with Paradox for next week and I'll see what other details I can wring out of them. In the meantime, here's the Steam page (already live!) and a debut trailer.



UPDATED: Rock Paper Shotgun have a very extensive preview up -- I highly encourage you to check it out.



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