Paradox sets release date for Europa Universalis IV expansion, Mare Nostrum

23 Mar 2016 0

Paradox Interactive has set a release date for the latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV, Mare Nostrum. It will be hitting virtual shelves on April 5, bringing with it many new naval trade and military options. The main features of the expansion:

  • Sailors: Coastal provinces provide the manpower you need to man your warships.
  • Naval Missions: New mission system makes it easier to send your fleets to a region, and expect them to survive.
  • Barbary Pirates: North African Muslim states can raid the coastlines of their neighbors for gold and sailors.
  • Trade Leagues: Merchant Republics can create trade leagues for mutual defense and mutual profit.
  • Condottieri: Nations can rent their armies out to fight in other people’s wars, earning valuable coin for the realm

Even if you don't plan on purchasing the expansion, a free update will be released on the same date and it's fairly massive:

  • Map Expansion: Greater detail to Ireland and sub-Saharan African, especially in the Congo and East Central Africa, and new “States and Territories” system
  • Espionage Reworking: Your diplomats can now build spy networks in enemy nations, from where you can fabricate claims on enemy holdings or undermine them from within.
  • Interface improvements: Better tooltips overall, and naval blockades are now more obvious on the map
  • Naval Combat Changes: better morale system and increased chance to capture enemy vessels
  • And even more changes to game balance, AI and modding triggers

You can pick up Europa Universalis IV on Steam for $40, and the Mare Nostrum expansion will be $15 when it releases in a few weeks.



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