Paradox's sci-fi 4X game, Stellaris, gets new trailer and is available for pre-order

14 Apr 2016 0

We already know that the much-anticipated 4X/Sci-fi romp, Stellaris, is heading to PC/Mac/Linux on May 9th. Paradox is keenly aware of that fact as well, and have opened up pre-orders for the game today. To celebrate, they've also released a new "pre-order trailer" and it looks fantastic.

Stellaris will be, like most other Paradox titles, a pausible real-time affair. It's also 4X, which means you'll have everything that entails such as exploration, researching new technologies, blowing things up. You know, the usual. It will have solo play vs. AI, but you can also play in huge multiplayer games with up to 32 people. 

Stellaris is coming to PC/Mac/Linux in just over 3 weeks. If you pre-order now, however, this happens:

In addition, fans who pre-order any edition of Stellaris will have their name sent into lower space by Paradox. A USB drive filled with the names of all pre-order participants will be attached to a weather balloon and launched into the upper stratosphere in an effort to let drive-by extraterrestrials know who among us are the most enthusiastic to explore space and meet new friends. Pre-orders will also be rewarded with a set of Stellaris ringtones from the game’s original soundtrack.


Pre-orders are available here. Check out the pre-order trailer below.



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