Pike & Shot Campaigns gets theatrical today

By Owen Faraday 13 Aug 2015 0

Professionals study logistics

I'm still somewhat amazed that Pike & Shot even exists. The game appeared seemingly out of nowhere last year as the full retail release for what started out as a mod to Battle Academy. Pike & Shot took BA's company-level WWII combat engine and contorted it until it was simulating mega-scale late-Renaissance/early modern period warfare. The game revolved around a fairly nuanced morale system where your end goal was to induce panic in your opponent's army and rout them from the field -- a very different proposition from Battle Academy.

Impressive though that feat was, there were two major complaints that I heard about it. Firstly, the art style evoked powerful Marmite-esque love-it/hate-it reactions. The blocky shapes for the unit formations were apparently intended to evoke period art, which is a rare flight of visually interpretive whimsy for a wargame. I was rather fond of it, but it's clearly a matter of taste. At any rate, the blocky regiments don't seem to be going anywhere.

It's the second gripe that the new game seeks to address, namely that Pike & Shot was a disjointed series of scenarios with no campaign play or any sort of strategy layer. Pike & Shot Campaigns, which is out today, nets you the original Pike & Shot plus its expansion pack Tercio to Salvo, and an all-new campaign mode that gives you an entire theater of war to control, managing supply, attrition, and the economic consequences of war. It's an appealing addition, and we'll try to get some impressions of it for you soonish.




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