Playdek adds an AI to Twilight Struggle beta

14 Mar 2016 0

Right at the end of February we learned that the much-anticipated port of GMT Games' cold-war epic, Twilight Struggle would be coming to PC/Mac at the end of March. We also knew that, at some point, the game would be getting an AI. The question was, when? Turns out it was last Saturday, as over the weekend Playdek sneaked a functioning AI into the Kickstarter beta.

Sneaked isn't really the correct word. They announced it with a full Kickstarter update that also went into rigorous detail as to how the AI came to be and how they plan on improving it as time goes on. Yes, it needs a bit of improvement at this point. It's functional and can beat someone of my skill level, but for Twilight Struggle experts it shouldn't pose much of a problem. Yet.

If you are an experienced player who is already enjoying online play in the beta, then you probably won’t be challenged by what is there. But newcomers to the game will likely find a reasonable challenge to learn the rules against.

They've also added the framework of a tutorial written by Twilight Struggle co-designer, Ananda Gupta. It still need artwork and such, but if you were having a problem wrapping your head around TS in the beta, you now have some help.

The entire Kickstarter update is a good read, really delving into how difficult it is to create an AI for complex games like Twilight Struggle. For now, know that the AI exists and from this point forward will be Playdek's main concern, meaning that it's only going to get better and better.

No concrete release date for Twilight Struggle yet, but the late March release means we're within weeks of having this on our laptops. the iPad version is still a bit away, due for release in April with Android to follow closely behind.



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