Privateer Press Announces 'Narrative League' for WarMachines & Hordes

By Joe Robinson 17 Aug 2016 0

I'm a big fan of long-running, persistent campaigns in table-top. There's been an emergence of the 'Legacy' format in standard boardgames, where things carry over from play-session to play-session to form a narrative.

Wargames have great potential in this space as well, although the time investment, set-up etc... of everything involved can sometimes prove a barrier. Still, companies are willing to support less-competitive, more narrative driven experiences. Recently Fantasy Flight Games announced a campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada, for example.

Privateer Press, the creators of WarMachines and Hordes, have announced a story-driven experience of their own with Season 1 of their 'Crossroads of Courage' Narrative League.

There's some pretty well written lore surrounding the campaign, as well as special rules you need to download, for the campaign itself, and for each individual season. The season timings are as follows:

  • Season One: The month of September 2016
  • Season Two: The month of November 2016
  • Season Three: The month of March 2017
  • Season Four: The month of May 2017
  • League Finale Event: Lock & Load Gamefest 2017

The campaign features a special character called Holden, which players can choose to use during their campaign. There are two variants of Holden that can be used, and which one you use depends on the result of an online quiz you can do. Fate Coins are also awarded, which will have specific uses in the season after the one they were earned.

I'm not a 'WarmaHorde' player myself, but this does sound well thought, and we hope it does well. You can read up on all of the information you need to participate on the official blog post.



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