Qvadriga Races Onto Tablets

By Nik Gaukroger 09 Jun 2014 0

Back in December last year we carried an interview with the developer of Slitherine?s Qvadriga game (read it here). One of the questions we asked was whether there would be a tablet version of the game as it seemed pretty well suited to the format. The question and replay was:

?I believe the game is going to be released on PC only. Is there any chance of a mobile version? It certainly looks to me as though Qvadriga would suit the mobile format, tablets at least. I can imagine sitting on the train and running a race.

Indeed! I have compiled an early Android version for testing and racing goes really smooth in it. After the PC version gets released I will start working on the Android and iOS builds.  As you said, current gameplay system works really fine with tablets, so the main task will be to provide a good touch interface.?

In our review (read it here) of the game we said:

?Slitherine are now looking to port the game to the iPad and I reckon that if they can get the marketing right to appeal to those who don?t normally look at anything based on history, they could have a real success story with a mobile platform version of Qvadriga ? in many ways it looks even more suited to that platform than the PC.?

Six months on and we have got our sweaty little paws on an iOS build to see if our view that this would be a good tablet game was correct ? and yes, yes it was.

The iOS, and presumably the Android version, is pretty much a straight port of the PC version of the game to the tablet platform. Given that we thought the PC version would be good on tablet this is our view a logical and sensible decision. Honestly, I cannot see that there could have been any material changes that could have been implemented for a tablet release that wouldn?t have required a massive rewrite, new art work and the like, which would have delayed a tablet version for way too long. Obviously a few things have changed; mouse-overs aren?t possible on a tablet so instead when you tap on something a small text box pops up to give you the information and a second tap selects the option. Apart from this I couldn?t see anything that was different with the tablet version.

Game play looks to work just fine, and the beta build that we used was extremely stable ? just one lock up and that was probably just one of those random memory things that you occasionally get regardless of the app; it certainly wasn?t repeatable. The iPad we used had a retina display; however, I would expect that as the graphics are not too complicated that there will be no visual issues with running it on non-Retina displays.

All in all there really isn?t much else to say. I suggest that the challenge now for Slitherine is to set a price and get the publicity right in order to attract those players who would otherwise not look at this game. If they have learnt lessons from Ad Vinci?s Art of War on this they could be onto a real success story.

Lastly, a few screenshots from the iPad version to show it really is just like the PC version; and also some proof that I am an awful chariot racer ?

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