Readers' Choice 2007

By Scott Parrino 16 Jul 2008 0


In keeping with last year?s new tradition of ?better late than never,? The Wargamer?s Readers? Choice voting for 2007 is over and the results are in. As often happens, there were some surprises and some expectations fulfilled. 2007 saw great games released by all the major publishers in the wargaming community including Battlefront, Shrapnel Games, HPS, Matrix Games, and Paradox. Each company released games that made it a banner year for the hobby.


War and strategy games continue to be extremely popular with The Wargamer?s readers. Unfortunately, sims have continued with their relatively weak showing. Role-playing games saw some excellent single-player titles, but the real growth has been in MMORPGs, which allow players to interact with each other on a huge scale. Despite this growth there were relatively few new MMORPGs released.


This year, voting was structured along the following categories:


  • Best Boxed Game
  • Best Developer
  • Best Boxed Expansion/Supplement
  • Best FPS Game
  • Best Miniatures Figures
  • Best Miniatures Rules
  • Best Miniatures Support Peripherals
  • Best MMO Game
  • Best Mystery Game
  • Best Published Magazine
  • Best Publisher
  • Best Role-Playing Game
  • Best Real-Time Strategy Game
  • Best Simulation Game
  • Best Turn-Based Strategy Game
  • Best Wargame



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