MicroProse have signed Cold War-gone-hot RTS wargame Regiments

By Joe Robinson 02 Sep 2020 0

Cold War-gone-hot RTS hopeful Regiments is something that I’ve been meaning to pay more attention to for a while, but keep forgetting about. It feels like the Wargame successor we’ve been waiting for, and doesn’t have a legally troublesome game that would get it taken off Steam.

Win/Win, and now developer Bird's Eye Games' prospects are even better as it has been revealed to be the latest game to be picked up by the resurgent MicroProse.

This is the second signing the re-launched wargames label has announced since officially revealing itself back in May. It already had three titles in its stable: Second Front, Task Force Admiral and Sea Power, all of which were projects we already knew about.

In June the publisher announced they were entering the FPS arena when they signed two games by Drakeling; Warfare 1944 and Operation Harsh Doorstep. Along with the announcement of a B-17 Flying Fortress successor, adding Regiments brings the MicroProse squad up to seven (that we know about), which sets them up nicely to dominate the scene in 2021.

regiments rts wargame sample

Coming back to Regiments itself, as mentioned this is an RTS experience similar to what Eugen does with their Wargame and Steel Division franchises. It’s set in 1989 and features conflict between NATO and the USSR in central Germany. I hear Fulda is always nice this time of year.

Choosing your core regiment is the main part of force customisation, but the Steam page also talks about calling in additional task-forces in-game to help you to adapt to the needs of the moment. Command & control is another area the game is trying to do differently, with control stopping at the Platoon level.

Here’s a new teaser trailer that was released to go alongside the MicroProse deal:

Other selling points for the game include a dynamic solo-campaign, competent AI and three different skirmish modes. We can’t wait to play more of this game, nor can we wait to see who MicroProse decides to sign next.

Regiments is slated to release on Steam sometime in Spring 2021.



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