Reinforcements: New & Upcoming Releases (16th August, 2016)

By Joe Robinson 16 Aug 2016 0

We’ve been keeping an eye on the new releases this month, so here’s another selection of products and a couple of kickstarters for your consideration.


One Page Rules

The guys over at One Page Rules have released some documentation for Games Workshop’s controversial Age of Sigmar & associated armies. Love it or Hate it, Sigmar is here to stay so there’s no point in trying to pretend it doesn’t exist. Their AoS release will be a modication of their 1pFB rule-set which will allow for Sigmar-style play, and they're supporting all five armies as well so that the minis can be re-used.

Along with the new AoS rules, they've updated their other systems as well. Here are the 'patch notes', as it were:

1p40k v3.2.2

  • Imperial Guard: Storm Troopers now have Piercing Carbines
  • Tyranids: Carnifex now has Rending attacks in melee
  • Space Marine Chapters: Grey Knights Terminators now have 2 attacks in melee

1p40k Superheavies & Flyers v3.2.2

  • Imperial Guard: Lascannons from the Vendetta upgrades are now Linked

1p40k Beginner’s Guide v3.2.1

  • Fixed various spelling errors

1pKT v3.1.2

  • Imperial Guard: Storm Troopers now have Piercing Carbines
  • Space Marine Chapters: Grey Knights Terminators now have 2 attacks in melee

1pKT Campaign Rules v.3.1.1

  • Fixed various spelling errors

Beyond the Gate of Antares

Warlord Games have released a new Algoryn model set for Antares – The AI Heavy Support Team with Compression Bombard. This five model set comes with three troopers, a drone and then a mahoosive Compression weapon platform.

502411001 Algoryn Compression Bombard c 600x600

From the official page:

The chief advantages of the compression weapon compared to plasma equivalents are its effectiveness against close targets – so long as they don’t come within the weapon’s limited compression range – and its ability to compress any cover the target is taking advantage of. As with all larger compression weapons it can suffer from momentary field collapse but that’s a minor issue when you can crush all before you!

I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of that.

Kings of War: Historical

Mantic Games have announced they will be releasing an historical supplement for their Kings of War game in September, and it will allow you to play with armies from all eras of History. There will even be the possibility of adding a ‘mythical’ element, so this might even be a platform for some kind of faux Game of Thrones battles? It's about time a miniature line came out for that (that wasn't by Fantasy Flight Games).

According to Beasts of War, the book will provide:

  • The core Kings of War rules.
  • Lists for historical armies from Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages. Use a combination of a master list, themes and mercenary units to build your army.
  • Veteran abilities to create unique units and represent elite fighters.
  • New rules and scenarios.
  • Add mythical units to recreate legends (or make new ones).
  • Play your historical army against Kings of War fantasy armies!

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

Kickstarter: War of the Nine Realms

The first of our two Kickstarter offerings, War of the 9 Realms is a tactical skirmish wargame for 2 – 4 players steeped in Norse mythology. It uses modular tiles to build a randomised playing board, and each faction has a ‘start tile’ that gets added on afterwards.

Each of the four faction cards has a ‘Heroic’ and ‘Epic’ side, allowing you to play with essentially simpler or harder rules, and there are a few different routes to victory. Combat is dice based, with action cards that you can use to tip the balance in your favour, and actions are resource led, which allow you to tailor your strategy on the fly.

e22789a69ae329bb5b15489da32e96bb original

I’ve tried out this game myself, and it’s pretty interesting as far as tactical wargames go – each faction has a ‘theme’ and the synergies within that theme are well thought out, and I appreciate that it’s not ‘just’ about killing everyone. One of the ways to win is to fill the ‘Blood Cauldron’ to the top by killing units, so as long as you’re still able to fight, you’re still able to win.

It’s still got some kinks to iron out from a rules perspective, and at the time of writing the Kickstarter is currently at £3,201 out of a £10,000 goal, with 13 days to go.

US peeps – this project is ‘US Friendly’ in the sense that Wotan Games have secured a US distributor for backers in the US and Canada, so your shipping costs will be the same as everyone else’s - £5.

Remember, you back Kickstarters at your own risk. We’re just highlighting the project.

Kickstarter: REDCOATS: 28mm British Infantry for SYW/FIW Wargames

Miniature Kickstarters are a weird one, but a relatively stable prospect – It either works or it doesn’t. The REDCOATS Kickstarter still as 12 days to go, but it’s nearly raised double its funding goal, and this creator Galloping Miniature’s first try.

They’re an established company that already has a respectable track record when it comes to creating and releasing miniatures, and the main reason for this Kickstarter appears to be the company wanting to take the “next step” – instead of funding new packs through sale of previous ones, they’re going to raise the money now to bring these models out quicker.

You can find out more about the project here, and more about the company itself here.

That’s all for this instalment of Reinforcements. Seen anything else that’s been released recently? Have you bought anything we’ve highlighted in this piece? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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