Roll Britannia: Panzer Corps expansion Operation Sealion comes ashore for PC and iPad

By Owen Faraday 15 Oct 2015 0

You thought traffic was bad on the M25 now

If the ancient Egyptians were right about how the afterlife works, the game you're going to want somebody to nestle in your sarcophagus will be Panzer Corps. The Panzer General-inspired WWII operational wargame recieved its 13th expansion pack today, which pours another dozen or two gameplay hours onto a game that already would eat up several months of a completionist's time. 

The new expansion is called Operation Sealion, which is based on an actual German plan to invade Britain in 1940, which they took a raincheck on at the last minute. The game offers 30 scenarios, and what personally delights me is that they're a return to the branching campaigns from the old Panzer Corps base game. Most of the game's expansions have increasingly interesting scenario design at the cost of a linear campaign you can't influence. I'm hoping that Sealion brings the smart tactical problems of the game's later expansions into that branching format.

We'll get somebody cracking on some impressions and report back later.



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