(UPDATED) Rumour - Campaign System Coming to Star Wars: Armada

By Joe Robinson 15 Jul 2016 0

UPDATE - Please read this story for updated information.


Original Story: Star Wars: Armada, the 'Battlefleet Gothic but Star Wars' miniature wargame has had a slow, but steady release of models since launching in March 2015. There's been a lot of speculation as to where the series could go - many of the usual suspects in terms of ships have already been covered between Waves 1,2 & 4, and while the hilariously tiny Wave 3 hinted a willingness to experiment, its lack of product also suggested FFG were hesitating for some unknown reason.

All may be well however, as a photo has just leaked from a Fantasy Flight Games presentation at the 2016 Star Wars Celebration (Europe) taking place at London's Excel Centre:

Corellian Conflict Expansion

Blurry, and allegedly taken from someone's phone, this snap seems to suggest an official campaign system will be coming to Armada in the form of boxed expansions, with the first being the 'Corellian Conflict'. While it doesn't look to contain any new ships, it does seems to have new rules, a custom campaign board, new cards and extra scenery pieces and tokens.

Someone at the show also who reportedly was at the presentation alleges that FFG stated these campaigns would be played across weeks and months as players fight for control over planets and resources. It will be for 2+ players, and will have new objectives, new squadron pilots, and potentially other new cards for Wave 1/2 products as well.

An official FFG article is expected soon, so until then treat all of this information with a pinch of salt.



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