Scheldt ‘44 will be first to use brand new JTS game engine

By Joe Robinson 01 Jun 2020 0

The current crises has taken its toll on everyone, but the gaming sector at large has proven a tad more resilient than, say, hospitality. The chaps over at Wargame Design Studio seem to have weathered this storm quite well, as their most recent blog update highlights.

Being an already-distributed team means they were probably affected less by everyone suddenly working from home. They are currently working on Panzer Campaigns: Scheldt ‘44, which has had an exciting development.

Recently, JTS have been working on an upgraded engine for the Napoleonic-era games which they’ve handed over to JTS to incorporate into their Panzer Battles & ACW games.

The big news though is that JTS has also handed over a new graphics engine for use for Panzer Campaigns as well, starting with Scheldt ‘44:

Now for the news that I am personally super excited about! With the addition of the 2D natural zoom level in the Napoleonic’s series, we asked if there was any chance of doing the same for the Panzer Campaigns series. Panzer Campaigns is on the cusp of its 24th release, Scheldt ’44 covering the fighting in Holland in Autumn 1944. Scheldt ’44 is the first full Prucha/Michas release with JTS/WDS. We will be covering a lot more detail on exactly what is in the game as well as depth of research done to deliver this interesting and unique title.

Scheldt ’44 will be releasing with the first iteration of new, high-resolution graphics after John Tiller agreed to add it in for the series. This gives us so much more ‘canvas’ to work with and today we wanted to share the current draft of these graphics. They are draft as they have only been created in the last week or so and we will be tweaking them as we work on the three zoom levels and get feedback on usability etc. As an example, rivers, streams, and canals need further work to ensure visibility, but the base is there.

Here is an example from the game using the new engine:

scheldt 4 hi res

The blog post goes further into looking at more examples of the new engine in use, as well as other graphical enhancements they are testing out. The plan is to update all of the existing Panzer Campaigns games to the new engine over time, even though they’ve all just been given the ‘Gold’ treatment. WDS had said they’ll leave the previous graphics options available as well for those who prefer them.

As a final bit of news, WDS also shared some screens from an unannounced Eastern Front Panzer Campaigns title.



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