Sci-Fi 4X strategy game Galactic Inheritors from Paradox Interactive veterans Chris King and Pontus Åberg arrives in our galaxy

By Wargamer Staff 10 Jun 2015 0

Galactic Inheritors, a new 4X space strategy game from former Paradox Interactive designer and programmer team Chris King and Pontus Åberg, has left Steam Early Access and officially launched on Steam and other key digital distribution portals.

Galactic Inheritors on Steam is currently discounted at 10% off (from $19.99) for a limited-time.

Galactic Inheritors on Steam:

Crispon Games has worked tirelessly over the last five months on their first game as a studio. During Early Access, they listened to feedback from the community in order to fine-tune and improve the game, making it a must-have for hardcore 4X fans. The game has undergone some big changes since it first released on Early Access, and I invite you to check it out for yourself!

Check out the game's launch trailer:




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