Scourge of War: Waterloo expansion takes you to Quatre Bras

02 May 2016 0

Last year's Scourge of War: Waterloo almost literally put you in the shoes of Napoleon or Wellington at the titular battle, giving you real-time control of the battlefield. Considering the warm reception it received, not to mention Napoleon's extensive portfolio, it was inevitable that the Scourge of War series would tackle Napoleonics a bit more. That was confirmed this morning when a new expansion for Scourge of War: Waterloo was announced, Scourge of War: Quatre Bras.

This expansion will take you to the Battle of Quatre Bras with a highly detailed and accurate 25 square mile map of the area. Apart from bringing you an entirely new battle, it will also be chocked full of other goodies:

  • Extensively researched Order of Battle 
  • Historical 5 mile x 5 mile battlefield map 
  • Five scenarios covering critical actions during the battle. 
  • Exclusive new loading screen art from Mitchell Nolte: “The 79th Highlanders”
  • AI, Gameplay and UI Additions 
    • Added new slider Toolbar for player feedback (mod menu)
    • Added the 'targeting' logic for cavalry squadrons (see slider toolbar)
    • Improved Hannover flags added. 
    • Removed the ability for cavalry to capture and bring enemy guns into action. 
    • Removed auto-run reaction of troops under fire. 
    • Increased melee penalty for skirmishers. 
    • Skirmishers now fall back at shorter distance from nearest enemy if supported. 
    • Improved control of TC units when near the enemy and under fire. 
    • Improved Cavalry and Infantry Square logic and dynamics. 
    • Improved brigade command AI. 
    • Reactivated cavalry orders in courier menu. 
    • Added new battle statistics screen on 'end of battle' screen. 
    • Improved AI stances when stationary and when at long range from the enemy. 
    • Historical variant adjustments for WL10 and WL20 
  • Modding improvements 
    • Enabled modder access to skills level and defensive ground bonus with three new AI functions: DBonusVal(), GetLevel() and GetPoints(). 
    • Added two new variables: #unitAItype, #onlyoffAItype. 
    • Fixed dump of 'dumpoobscen' command. 
    • Fixed problem with additional column for French unit names in the scenario files created using 'dumpscen' or 'dumpoobscen'. 
    • Corrected ORDTACDivPlay AI function. 
    • Corrected 'friendcloseyds()' AI function. 
    • Corrected GetOrders() AI function - brigade AI is now more under player control when using stances, stationary and far from the enemy.

 We don't have a date for Scourge of War: Quatre Bras, yet, but you can pick up the base game over at Steam right now.



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