Watch 60 minutes of Second Front in action with ‘The River’ scenario

By Joe Robinson 12 Oct 2020 3

One game that’s quickly made our hitlist for 2021 is Second Front, which was recently picked up by a newly resurgent MicroProse. It’s a turn-based tactical wargame on an old-school hex grid that offers deep gameplay, but at the same time trying to elevate the visual aspect beyond traditional counters.

It’s still very much a work in progress and, with a 2021 release window (we suspect anyway) there’s still plenty to be done. Still, developer Hexdraw seems to be at a point where they’re getting more comfortable sharing live footage of the game in action.

Feat your eyes on this 63 minutes video of ‘The River’ scenario being played out in full.

The dev notes that “Some systems are still in the works and not finished. Scenario is still unbalanced or too easy. Shows pushing Guns and AI unloading infantry.”

Second Front currently has no official release window, but we’ll let you know when that changes.



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