Sight Seeing: New Second Front Screenshots

By Admin 11 Feb 2020 2

Sometimes I log-on in the morning and find that nothing interesting has really happened. This occurs quite often, actually - wargaming is hardly a dynamic and fast paced genre... things happens in their own time. With nothing better to do for the moment, I thought we'd do something different.

Second Front is an in-development turn-based hex WW2 war game that uses a cartoon-esque art style, but features in-depth tactical design. We've written about it once or twice but there's not always much of significance to talk about. The developers mainly work out of their Facebook page, and will post videos or screenshots every so often as they plug away at the game. No idea when this is due to release, but it's shaping up to be a pretty game, so I thought I'd share the two most recent screens that went out over the past couple of days.

Here's the first one, featuring a zoomed in view of an urban setting:

Second Front Ubran Fighting

Here's the second one, featuring a wide-angle view of a larger field battle:

Second Front Big Battle

And here's a third one that's just been added, looking at the new tank comparison screen:

second front tank comparison screen

There's a lot more past images and videos to look at on their FB page, so make sure you check them out if you haven't before. We're looking forward to covering this game in more details when it's ready.



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