Secret Weapons of the Third Reich gets a gameplay video

09 Feb 2016 0

Image from Calvinus Games

I first stumbled across Jose Ruiz, otherwise known as Stuka Joe, while I was trying to learn GMT Games'' WW2 debate-simulator, Churchill. The gameplay example video I found on Board Game Geek for Churchill wasn''t just a decent video exploration of the game, it was the best board game video I''d ever seen. When the video was over, I knew how to play the game, pure and simple. Since then, I''ve been following Stuka Joe to see where his video explorations will cross paths with games that tickle my fancy. One such game was released last year from Calvinus Games, Secret Weapons of the Third Reich

Secret Weapons of the Third Reich (SWotTR) hits all my buttons. First of all, it''s set in World War 2. Secondly, you can build a moon base and flying saucers. The game is a mashup of wargame and sci-fi tropes set in a Third Reich that knows they''ll lose the war unless they can research a super weapon or other super project to turn the tide. The game plays from 1-4 players semi-cooperatively, each player playing as a German scientist working to further their own ends. 

I hate to admit it, but the price tag on SWotTR was the only thing holding me back from picking it up. After watching the video that Stuka Joe released earlier this week I''ve decided that my wallet needs to suffer. I definitely need this game on my shelf. Take a gander at Stuka Joe''s brilliance and see if you don''t agree.



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