Shellshock: Nam '67

By Scott Parrino 07 Jun 2004 0


Mixing politics and gaming is nearly always a mistake.  As a gamer, I cringe whenever I hear Senator Lieberman speaking about players beating up prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto or a new California law on the docket to make it illegal to sell "M" rated games to kids.  The spirit of their intentions is commendable, but anyone reading this article probably understands full well the difficulty explaining these red-headed stepchilds of the gaming universe.  Yet despite this difficult media attention, the gaming industry is still releasing World War II and Vietnam Conflict games.

Case in point: the Vietnam Conflict is the current theme du jour for FPS developers: Gathering's remarkable Vietcong was apolitical as possible, but EA's Battlefield Vietnam seemed to tread gingerly into the political waters (playing it is a political endorsement for John Kerry, as some folks have argued).  In case those games haven't already reminded us enough of the difficult times, Eidos is dropping a potential A-Bomb grade political whammy into the the shooter genre.  Its new Shellshock: Nam '67 is a too close for comfort, agonizing interpretation of the war in Southeast Asia told from the perspective of a grunt soldier.  The action shooter's take on the war will be front and center, as players will "experience the fear, chaos and atrocities of the Vietnam War."  The pictures below also help to show the game's direction, which is otherwise classic shooter with authentic locations, weapons and tunes.

The novel approach this game appears to be taking will make for an interesting release this June.  Look for it on the PC, Xbox, and PS2 or check out the official web site in the meantime.


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