Shenandoah Studios Gettysburg: The Tide Turns screens and interview

By Jean Marciniak 13 Apr 2015 0

Back in February it was announced that the long delayed Gettysburg: The Tide Turns, from Shenandoah Studio, was getting close to entering beta testing. Whilst we have not heard much since then we have obtained a couple of exclusive screenshots of what the game will look like. Additionally, our regular contributor, Jean Marciniak, conducted a short interview with Shenandoah about their plans. Read on for both …

First here are the screenshots promised. We understand these are from the latest iteration of the game, but as ever things may well change before release.




And here is Jean’s interview with Ionut Georgescu of Shenandoah Studio.


Thank you for doing this interview. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule.

Let's talk about.

The game has been delayed a few times. What challenges did you encounter developing the game?

The development team had to work on a complete new code, so the learning curve after the acquisition and after all assets were delivered, has been quite steep. The process involved a thorough analysis of the engine itself, so the programmers could reach a good degree of confidence in changing code that was previously done by others. This has significantly delayed the development process.

We are now at stage where we can have a higher degree of confidence in when we will be able to deliver the game and how we will be able to manage content in the future. I can tell you exclusively now that we will be looking for beta testers starting mid March.


Has any major changes been made to the game?

Game design hasn’t changed at all and the lead designer on the project will always be Eric Lee Smith. We really wanted him to focus on making sure that the both legacy of Shenandoah and the core design elements he created were going to be part of the final release.


Did the merge with Slitherine Ltd. help with developing the game?

It did, definitely. It is never an easy process to transfer knowledge and be sure that this knowledge is transformed into lines of code, especially with such complex projects and in such an advanced stage of development, but there are also many benefits. There are plugins and internal development tools we are able to implement and there is a bigger community of players that is able to give relevant feedback on the game. Not to mention, of course, the possibility of leveraging on a bigger and experienced company structure.


Any plans to invest in another game in The Crisis In Command series?

The Crisis in Command series is the backbone of Shenandoah’s future. We are in the final stages of porting the entire series to the Unity engine, which will give us the possibility of reaching new customers through new platforms for the games that have already been released.

On top of that, we are also working on new settings and scenarios, all World War 2 based. We can’t really say much more about it right now, but rest assured the Crisis in Command franchise is on the verge of a big relaunch.


What periods do you have your eye on?

The game system is very flexible, so we could easily take into consideration any period, with the due gameplay changes. When the first round of releases has gone through , we will make sure we involve the fans of the series to see what they think about different periods in history.


What kind of advancements would you like to make to the Crisis in Command engine?

There are many things we have on the wish list. One of the things we really want to look at is to give the option to players to have a longer play experience, with a campaign mode or with linked battles. The other thing we would like to have is an easier way to create new content and balanced skirmish battles.


In reference to your previous games

 Are there any plans for further updates or new features for your previously released games ?

As said, the first goal is to port the engine, so that we are able to deliver the games to other platforms and grow the community of players. Subsequently, we are looking at adding features and such. So ideally any of the past releases will have its host of new features in the future as we move towards a new generation of Shenandoah games!



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