Slitherine Easter Sale gives 30% off almost all titles

By Admin 24 Mar 2016 6

It's only a few days until Easter which means that your thoughts should turn to marshmallow Peeps and biting the heads off your chocolate bunnies. You should probably also turn your thoughts to wargaming, as Slitherine has announced their Easter Sale and it's a doozy. Basically, you get 30% off any game in their entire catalog, with only a few exceptions.

Because Polaris Sector and Victory and Glory: Napoleon were just released, it wouldn't be fair to those that just paid full price in the last week, so those two games are off the table. Everything else, however, is fair game. 

To get the discount, go shopping over to Slitherine or Matrix and during checkout enter the code HAPPYEASTER and your discount will be subtracted. Pick wisely, however, as you can only apply the discount to one game. 

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