Slitherine succumb to the madness and discount entire steam catalogue

By Joe Robinson 28 Feb 2018 1

I’m pretty sure when I attended my first (and last) Home of Wargamers event back 2014, Matrix Games/Slitherine owner JD McNeil did speech about how they wouldn’t participate in Steam sales. “A Race to the bottom” may or may not have been used in a sentence, but I’ll admit it was a quite a while ago now.


MadnessMeanwhile, in 2018…

Slitherine have joined in the mid-week madness, with their entire Steam catalogue discounted by anything from 25% to 90%. The sale started yesterday and will run until 10am PST on March 2nd.

Please note: there are a few games, mainly Matrix Games labels like the rather excellent The Operational Art of War IV, that are sadly not on Steam and so are not discounted.

Still, that won’t stop you picking up some great deals, let’s do a quick tour of the highlights. You’ll need to check the links out yourself to find out local prices:

Wallet Wreckers

On the Matrix side at least, the publisher Is notorious for making highly complicated games that they believe are worth charging a lot of money for as a base price. Perfectly reasonable, if you consider the work that goes into something like Command or the Gary Grigsby games, but our wallets still quake in fear at the prospect of forking out for such things. Thank god for sales:

Recent Gems

Even some of their more recent games are getting discounted. This includes genuinely new games, and games that are recent to Steam that we still think are very good and worth getting:

Best of the Rest

Finally, and assuming you still have some disposable income left after dealing with all of the above, here’s just a general round up of top games being given great deals:

Don't forget, we've reviewed most (if not all) of these games at one point or another on The Wargamer! Make sure you check out our reviews index pages to see what we thought.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Slitherine and Matrix Games do make some excellent wargames when they want to. While I’ve always commended them for sticking to their principles on things like pricing, it is nice to seem them embrace the chaos every once in a while and give our wallets a rest.



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