Slitherine Update – Ligny Release, Order of Battle Preview & More

By Joe Robinson 13 Oct 2016 0

This week has been quieter compared to last week's mammoth update, but there's still plenty of good news for fans of Matrix Games/Slitherine. Here is a round-up of what's happened.

Scourge of War: Ligny is Released!

We only talked about it last week, but the latest expansion for Scourge of War: Waterloo has been released.


Scourge of War: Ligny puts in charge of either the Prussian or the French forces in one of the early battles in the Waterloo campaign.

Grab it one Steam, or directly from Matrix Games.

Panzer Corps Tournament

With the closing of the Battle of the Bulge tournament, Matrix have announced their launching a new contest for another one of their titles – Panzer Corps.

Since the official tournament system still isn't implemented yet, this will be a good old fashion direct elimination competition, with a whopping 32 slots available to players.

To keep the pace up and to keep everyone motivated, the rounds will last one week, played on balanced MP maps. Failure to complete your game in the allocated time will result in immediate elimination, so if you're not sure you can play your match within a week don't bother signing up.

The first round will start Monday, October 17th, and you can read all of the details – including how to sign up – here.

Order of Battle: Import Tools

Matrix games have shown off another new feature from the impending update to Order of Battle: World War 2- the Import Core Army Tool.


This will allow for linked campaigns where players can carry over their core armies between DLC's where the same army is involved. To begin with, it'll only work between Morning Sun & Rising Sun, but it could also be used for Blitzkrieg and any future DLC's that contain the Wehrmacht.

You can find out more information by looking at the official blog post.

Boxed Upgrades

Matrix have announced that Last Days of Old Earth, Sengoku (base game), Sengoku Collector's Edition and Warhammer 40,000: Da Orks have been added to their boxed upgrades section.

If you already own a digital copy of these games either on Steam or from the Matrix store, you can order a physical box complete with a printed manual.

Note that this doesn't get you a copy of the game itself, just a box and a manual, and this is only an upgrade option for people who already own the game. If you want to by a physical copy of any of the titles in the boxed upgrade section, you'll need to go to the Matrix store.

Conflict of Heroes Is (Not) Out on Steam

We tweeted on Tuesday that Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear had finally gotten it's Steam release. It turns out Matrix posted the news a bit early, and it isn't actually ready yet - apologies for that!


We've been told it will be 'soon', but rest assured it is still coming. Ghost Divisions and Storms of Steel will also be getting the Steam treatment. Matt recently discussed the physical version of the game, and why it's such a robust wargame rule-set.

You can read all the details on the news post here.

This article covers games developed and/or published by members of the Slitherine Group. For more information, please see the 'About Us' page.



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