Slitherine/Matrix Games Update – CMANO, New Bundle & More

By Joe Robinson 21 Sep 2016 2

Slitherine and Matrix Games have been busy bees this past week – with the summer lull a growing memory, the company is building up their arsenal for what we imagine will be a pretty intense autumn offensive.

Before we get too carried away with the military analogies, let us begin:

CMANO Live – Episode 3

Who comes up with these names anyway? Episode 3 of the Command Live series takes players to the South China Sea in Spratly Spat. China has tipped the balance of power in its favour around the Spratly Islands, and a coalition of South Asian nations (with limited US backing) are squaring off against them.

This scenario has already been released, so you can go ahead and buy it now if you want. We'll be getting James to cast his critical eye over it in due course.

Boxed Upgrade for Close Combat

Slitherine/Matrix have added all of the Close Combat titles in their catalogue to their Boxed Upgrades Section. I'll let them best describe what this means:

If you already own a digital version of the game from our site, Steam (or anywhere else!) and would like to add a box and full printed manual to your collection, just click on the buy Boxed Upgrade button. You will receive a box of the product you have chosen, a printed manual and a DVD with in an interactive version of our catalogue. It is very simple and straight forward. You don't have to register your game or send us your game serial number, just add the product to the cart and check out!

Please go here if you want to upgrade your game.

Order of Battle – DLC & Update

It's a double whammy for Matrix/Sltherine's Order of Battle game. Later this year it's getting a new DLC campaign in the form of OoB: Blitzkrieg, as well as a major update to the base game.


Blitzkrieg covers the early years of Germany's war against Europe, from the Invasion of Poland to the Fall of 1941 & the Wehrmact's advance into Russia. It comes with new nations, new units and 12 new scenarios.

The update, as well as bringing a bunch of fixes and update, will add two cool new features. The Specialization System allows you to customise your army over time, and the Import Tool allows you to carry over your core force between campaigns.

Blitzkrieg is currently looking for more beta testers, and you can sign up here.

Bundle Ahoy!

I'm convinced Slitherine/Matrix Games High Command has been infiltrated by a rogue element. You'll remember the crazy bundles we spotted last month... well now there's another one!


For the next 40 odd hours (at time of writing), you can get up to £127.92 of games for as little as £1.79. Crazy stuff. Here's a breakdown of the tiers:

Tier 1 (£1.79) – Battle of the Bulge, Time of Fury, Pride of Nations

Tier 2 (£3.19) – Alea Jacta Est, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, Legions of Steel, Advanced Tactics Gold

Tier 3 (£6.39) – Pandora: First Contact

The AGEOD games appeared in one of the previous bundles, but there are a couple of gems in here that you can grab at a bargain, and pass on the spare codes to someone else. It's worth noting that Pandora & Battle of the Bulge can be played on Macs, and Pandora also has Linux support.

This article covers games published and/or developed by members of the Slitherine Group of companies. Please see the About Us page for more information.



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