Slitherine/Matrix Games Update - Gary Grigsby, CMANO Live, Release Dates, Oh My!

By Joe Robinson 20 Oct 2016 0

Just because Matrix Games/Slitherine are now international superstars, doesn't mean they don't have a games company to run as well. We're approaching the pre-Christmas season now, which is always good for game updates and news. Here's what they've been up to this past week!

Gary Grigsby Strikes Again

Just when we thought Gary Grigsby was done terrorising wargamers everywhere with his slick-sounding name, we received word that War in the West has been updated to Version 1.01.37.

The full changelog can be read here, but highlights include a new 'living' manual that includes all of the new features and rule changes added since the release of the game. Please note that because it iss now a living being, you need to feed & water it to prevent premature death.

CMANO Live Episode 4

The fourth episode in CMANO's 'LIVE' series of micro-DLCs will be dropping November 2nd. Titled 'Don of a New Era', it follows the aftermath of the recent Russia/Ukraine tensions and explores more hypothetical 'what-if' scenarios and wargame models.

03 Assemble

James recently did a joint-review of Episode's 1 & 2, so we will be doing reviews on 3 & 4 in another joint review. We've been told Episode 4 will be the last one prior to Christmas.

You can read more information on the product page.

Strategic Command Release Date

Matrix has confirmed the release date for Fury Software's Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe. The third title in the series will be releasing on November 17th.

Our very own Jeff Renaud has been writing some AARs for the game over on the Matrix Forums, the first two parts of which are already online:

The Road to WarsawPart 1 | Part 2

We hope to bring you some additional in-depth coverage in the coming weeks leading up to launch.

More Order of Battle Screenshots

Matrix are showing off more screenshots of Order of Battle's new expansion – Blitzkrieg – in an effort to spoil so much of the game you won't actually need to buy it yourself.

There's no specific feature being promoted this time around, only some good ol'fashioned Poland stomping.


The expansion will be releasing at a time that's yet to be announced, although we totally know when it's coming out. Do you want to know? Do you? No? Ok then...


We told you about the Panzer Corps tournament last week, but it's been underway for three days now. It's already gotten a great response – sources inside Matrix said they could easily have held a tournament with double, even triple, of the modest 32 players they're currently running with.

The first round of pairings, as well as the snazy tournament board mock-up, can be viewed here. Players have until Monday 24th October to complete their match.

That's all for this week's update – see you next time! This article covers games that are published and/or developed by members of the Slitherine Group. Please see the About Us page for more information.



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