Slitherine/Matrix Games Update - New Releases, Sanctus Reach, Abstracts

By Joe Robinson 27 Oct 2016 3

We've got a pretty interesting update for you this week – new game releases, a chance to play Sanctus Reach early and more Order of Battle spoilers. Enjoy!


Out Now

Matrix have released not one, but two games this week so stand by for a double-dose of war:

Drive on Moscow (Take Two) – Following the re-master of Battle of the Bulge, Slitherine have have also re-released another of Shenandoah's classic titles – Drive on Moscow.

This new version is part port, part update as it takes on board some improvements that went into Bulge. The main new feature is multiplayer and the game is available on PC for the first time (Steam | Direct) and has been re-released on iOS.


NOTE: If you own the 2013 iOS version, you will continue to be able to download and play that version from the app store.# although it will no longer be available to purchase. You will need to purchase the 2016 re-release separately if you wish to play that. More information on the reasoning behind this can be found here.

We'll be sharing some thoughts on this new version tomorrow, but in the meantime check out the original reviews of the 2013 version: Pocket Tactics | Wargamer

Conflict of Heroes (Finally) – Despite some confusion over the past week, the updated version of Conflict of Heroes is finally out and has been released on Steam. Check out the details here.

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Early Access

Matrix scored quite a coup with the announcement of Sanctus Reach, their new game using the 40K license that seems like a turn-based Dawn of War without the base-building. I bet you'd give anything to see/play it early, wouldn't you? I bet you'd travel to the ends of the earth, right?

space marine statue

Well how about simply giving up your weekend and travelling over to Nottingham, UK? Slitherine have announced they will be attending the Warhammer 40K Open Days on November 5th & 6th at Warhammer World.

You’ll be able to meet the developers and test your tactical skills in one exclusive mission. You can book your tickets online directly from Games Workshop here.

Panzer Corps Tournament Round II

Round 2 of the Panzer Corps tournament began on Monday, and will be fought on the Dniepr map. You can check in to see how everyone's doing here.

Strategic Command Manual

If you're like me and you actually like reading supplementary material for things like games (digital, table-top, rpg etc...) then you're in for a treat this week. Matrix have released a sneak peak of the beefed-up manual that's coming with upcoming WW2 wargame Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe.

StrategicCommand 3DManual

In this free abstract you'll be able to see:

  • The Table of Contents - because Slitherine really know how to get our war machines going.
  • The Designer Notes – because why not?
  • Section 6.6 - which deals with the combat system and is actually pretty interesting to read.

Order of Battle Bares Its Soul

I feel like Order of Battle has a lot to get off its chest at the moment. Maybe its getting abuse at home, people complaining its not conquering Poland fast enough... good thing we're here to help.

In the latest of a series of spoiler articles, Matrix has now revealed some of the new German units that will form part of the Wehrmacht Corps in the Blitzkrieg campaign. Check them out for yourself here.

This article covers games that have been published and/or developed by members of the Slitherine Group. Please see the About Us page for more information.



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