Slitherine/Matrix Games Update – Panzer Gold & Middle Eastern Oil

By Joe Robinson 29 Sep 2016 0

Matrix Games & Slitherine have slow periods like everyone else does, but this is just the calm before the storm. Here's a quick look at some of the latest happenings.


Afghanistan '11

It's rare to see a game that covers anything so recent as the 2011 war in Afghanistan, especially since the catalyst for that conflict is still quite fresh in the minds of the American people. Coming to you from Every Single Soldier, the team behind 2015's Vietnam '65, Afghanistan '11 continues in the developer's tradition of trying to change the expectations of wargaming.

Logistics and organisation are important in this game, as you're fighting a guerilla war against people that hide in the shadows. Not only is eliminating the enemy important, but you also have to put time and energy into protecting, training and investing in the local people and infrastructure.


Afghanistan '11 is due out early 2017, and you can see the product page here.

Beta sign-ups have already begun, and you can apply here.

Arab-Israeli Wars Pack for Campaign Series Middle East

James reviewed Jason Petho's update of Campaign Series Middle East at the end of July, but since then there have been some interesting developments on the mod side of things.

Veteran Grogs will know the name of Alan R. Arvold and his work in table-top wargaming. With videogame-based wargames rising in prominence and graphical fidelity, Alan has been working to preserve some of his more iconic projects in digital form.

Alan's Ode to Arab-Israeli Wars Scenario Pack is a mod available for CS: Middle East that covers the Arab-Israeli Wars. You can download the pack and read Alan's design notes here.

Panzer Corps Gold

Jeff made his Wargamer debut by rounding-off some Panzer Corps DLC reviews we'd missed recently, but he'll be pleased to know that Matrix are updating the game and releasing a special 'Gold' edition that contains everything published. It'll make up for the fact that there are no more DLCs being made.


For the first time, you'll be able to buy the complete package in a single product, and The Lordz guys will be also be giving the UI and some other bits a bit of an update. Anyone who already owns Panzer Corps will get these improvements in a free patch.

That's all for this week!

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