Solar Crusaders - multiplayer strategy game searches for funds on Kickstarter

By Nik Gaukroger 15 Apr 2015 0

Another peruse through the games looking for funding and another space game pops up looking for some our hard earned dosh. This one is called Solar Crusaders and is, according to their Kickstarter page, a multiplayer top-down strategy game featuring 4X gameplay elements, sandbox universe, real-time battles, and simulated virtual economy. If that piques your interest read on.

It looks like the game has been in development for a while and indeed it has also managed to get Greenlit on Steam. However, they are now looking to obtain funding to get the game published either late this year or early next (bets on which is most likely knowing game development …).



You can read more (and contribute) at their Kickstarter page, but here is a snippet for you …


You'll control the crews of customizable spaceships and space-stations in a galaxy populated by other players and A.I. controlled NPCs.

Solar Crusaders features in a nutshell:

  • Open world space exploration with top-down tactical battles.
  • Command and battle against multiple ships, with up to four ships under your command.
  • Colonize and exploit strategic locations by building space-stations.
  • Participate in the simulated game economy by mining ores, refining fuels, or manufacturing ships, stations, and components.
  • Compete against other players and NPC's to develop faster and more powerful ships, and gain territory for your corporation.






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