Soviet Corps ready to put you in charge of the Great Patriotic War this February 18th

By Dave Neumann 20 Jan 2016 0

Panzer Corps is one of the few games that, even two years after release, still has a spot on my iPad. It looks like it won't be leaving anytime soon, as Slitherine just announced a brand-new expansion pack that focuses on the Eastern Front. It's called Soviet Corps and will be an in-game expansion for those of us who already own Panzer Corps on our PCs or iPads, but can also be downloaded as a stand-alone title as well.

Soviet Corps will offer a brand new 25-scenario campaign that puts you in charge of the Red Army. While the focus is on the Eastern Front, that's not all you'll have to deal with. There will be scenarios in Finland and in Manchuria as well, covering 6 full years of Soviet conflict. The expansion will offer over 60 new units as well, from the PT-34 variant of the T-34, GAZ-67B jeep recon, G-11 glider and even the IS-3 Heavy Tank. 

You can expect Soviet Corps to be available for both PC and iPad on February 18.

No trailer for Soviet Corps, yet, so you'll have to make due with the gameplay trailer for the original Panzer Corps. It still holds up!



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