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By Nik Gaukroger 10 Apr 2015 0

Space games of one sort or another seem to be a bit in fashion at the moment. Here we bring you some news of two new space based 4X games – one just released and one to be soon released.

I guess that Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri is the grand daddy of the particular branch of the 4X genre, but despite its success there haven’t been that many games of this type set on alien worlds (or at least, not many I know of – I’m sure our readers will correct me here if necessary …). However, two new offering have come over the (event) horizon (sorry …) to expand the number available.

Here is the bumf about them. First up is Stardrive 2.


Stardrive 2 Blasts Into Hyperdrive and Onto Steam

Iceberg Interactive’s Hotly Anticipated Sequel Offers Deep Ship Customization, Full Space and Ground Battles, and More



Haarlem, The Netherlands – April 9, 2015 – Zero Sum Games and Iceberg Interactive are proud to announce today that the all new 4X space strategy game StarDrive 2 is available now on Steam. In StarDrive 2, players will reach into the unexplored regions of space fully loaded with options to engage in massive real-time space combat or enter into the all new ground combat, partner with friendly factions, research new technologies, design new ships, and much more. Built on the Unity Engine, StarDrive 2 is highlighted by its impressive new levels of graphic polish and detail, streamlined interfaces, and intense, sophisticated 4X gameplay.




StarDrive 2 is a turn-based 4X strategy that builds on the premise of the popular original game, StarDrive, with the goal of building an empire to span the stars. Players will explore a vibrant galaxy filled with danger and intrigue in a deep turn-based strategy layer. Fans will design custom spaceships and deploy them into real-time battles with spectacular graphics and effects, and they’ll hire heroes to conquer alien civilizations in turn-based tactical ground-combat mode. StarDrive 2 is the 4X game that fans have been waiting years for.

“Creating StarDrive 2 on the Unity engine has been a rich, rewarding experience, and now that it’s complete, I am totally excited for fans of the franchise and 4X genre to dive in,” said Daniel DiCicco, Zero Sum Games. “There is so much more here that 4X gamers will enjoy: The ship design offers a better, faster interface, the ground battles add diversity, new alien races add complexity, and the Unity Engine shines in the background all the while.”

StarDrive 2 Gameplay Features:

  • Turn-based, Real-time: Players build a space empire in a turn-based environment, but experience battles in real-time.
  • Nine Alien Races: Experience a multitude of pirate factions, handle interspecies relations, conduct diplomacy and espionage, and make alien friends or enemies.
  • Ship Design: Build ships in the Custom Ship Design Mode and take them into real-time battles featuring stunning visuals and sound effects.
  • Heroes: Gamers can hire unique heroes to govern their worlds or to command their mighty fleets in battle.
  • Expansive Universe and Lore: Populate the universe and colonize planets, moons, asteroid belts, gas giants and more, and discover the extensive, unique lore by encountering dozens of anomalies, heroes, and galactic mysteries that will ensure no two games will ever play the same.
  • High Tech: Gamers can research hundreds of technologies, including technologies that are unique to their race, and unlock even more through in-game events and galactic exploration.
  • Battle Arena Mode: Enter Battle Arena mode for quick-fix battles against cunning AI opponents.
  • Unity Built: Created on the Unity engine for simultaneous release on PC, Mac and Linux.
  • Full Steam Support: Includes Steam features such as Trading Cards, Achievements and Steam Workshop, enabling modders to create and share their own in-game heroes, events, Battle Arena campaigns, ship modules, weapons, sound effects, and more.


StarDrive 2 is available now on Steam in two versions, the Classic Version for $29.99 and the special Digital Deluxe version for $34.99, incorporating a Digital Artbook, Paint Job Pack, Design Journal and a specially created Soundtrack .

For more information about StarDrive 2, please visit the official website at or checkout the Facebook page,



Secondly we have Stars Beyond Reach:


Stars Beyond Reach Release Date, First Gameplay Footage and Tales of Woe Video Series

Arcen is excited to reveal the first video footage -- along with a new video series -- for our first true 4X title, Stars Beyond Reach. We currently plan to launch June 5th on Steam and other major PC/Mac/Linux distributors.



SBR takes place on a hostile world where you are the newcomer and you have to find your way among the 13 other established races. The game has a different approach to combat (eschewing the typical "units on tiles" model and instead using a completely "buildings on tiles" approach), carries inspirations from the citybuilding genre, and contains a hybrid set of victory conditions -- you can "dominate" each alien race militarily, diplomatically, economically, intellectually, or via entertainment or espionage.

Once you have dominated all surviving races via any of those 6 categories, you win the game. OR, there are four other victory paths that have nothing to do with the other races at all. Sure, they'll be friends or foes as you work toward these special endgames... but in these endgames, it is the planet itself that is your chief enemy.

Our most recent blog post contains both videos (along with introductions from Arcen founder Chris Park), our second most recent post contains some new screenshots of the game, and here are the direct youtube links to the videos as well:


Stars Beyond Reach - First Gameplay Sneak Peak


Stars Beyond Reach: Tales of Woe Part 1 of 3




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