Space Marines AAR - Dawn of War II

By Craig Handler 11 Mar 2009 0


Stream 101100110011 ? Security Class Omicron Epsilon Gama


Exloaded from Raimer, Castellan 3d Company, Strike Cruiser Ophidium Gulf

Location: Sub-Sector Aurelia, Typhon Primaris translational orbit

Recipient: Helbrecht, High Marshal

Date: 999.M41  




We carry the Emperor?s will as our torch. With the light of His word, we destroy the shadows of the warp. In His Name, O, Master of Mankind, the Black Templars smite the scions of the witch! For the Emperor, For Dorn!


Lord Marshal, as commander of the 3d Fighting Company, it gives me no pleasure to report the most repugnant of developments. As part of our efforts to support the Aurelian Crusade, the 3d Company (under strength) aboard the Strike Cruiser Ophidium Gulf, arrived in orbit above Typhon Primaris. We were investigating reports of a primitive civilization who worshipped one known only to them as the ?Spirit of the Emperor?.  

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Sub-Sector Aurelia, Segmentum Obscurus 

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High Orbit, Typhon Primarus   

Deep within the unexplored jungle of this outlying world, we discovered temples erected by these primitives in the name of their false god. Without hesitation, the 3d Company razed these blasphemous structures to the ground and brought every primitive we could find to truth, by spilling their filthy blood. Following the trail of the retreating primitives, we finally reached a stronghold belonging to the one known as the ?Spirit of the Emperor?. It was at this time that we received a coded transmission from the orbiting Ophidium Gulf. According to the transmission, a powerful fleet of vessels had been detected in high orbit above the stronghold, Imperial vessels, belonging to Space Marines, no less, of the vaunted Dark Angels Chapter of the First Founding. Greetings were exchanged in High Gothic and it was learned that the Dark Angels were in this sector of space to destroy the primitive culture and capture its leader. Chaplain Orcelan, in command aboard the Ophidium Gulf in my absence, advised the Dark Angels of our position, as well as our intent to storm the stronghold and seize the usurper. Although the transmission became convoluted due to interference of unknown origin, I gathered from Chaplain Orcelan that the Dark Angels thanked the 3d Fighting Company for the assistance but indicated that we were in great danger, and humbly requested that all Black Templar assets leave the system immediately. With unholy vermin remaining on Typhon Primaris, and with the false god of the primitives within our grasp, the demand of the Dark Angels was respectfully refused and the 3d Company?s assault on the stronghold commenced posthaste.

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The imposing Dark Angel Fleet

We breached the stronghold?s defenses in short order and made quick work of the defenders. The being known as the ?Spirit of the Emperor? was cornered and to our great shock, he possessed the stature of an Adeptus Astartes. He wore pitch black armor that curiously resembled ancient Heresy pattern Mk. IV plate. Before we could capture or interrogate the scoundrel, assault pods belonging to the Dark Angels began to impact around the stronghold. The arriving force belonging to the Dark Angels was powerful to be certain. It consisted of a platoon of Predator tanks, multiple tactical and devastator squads and no less than two Dreadnoughts, illustrious warriors who continued in the service of their Chapter despite mortal wounds received on some long forgotten battlefield.

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The Dark Angel Assault Force Deploying From Orbit

Without warning?without explanation, the Dark Angels attacked the stronghold, as well as our Battle Brothers. Faced with the onslaught of the treacherous Dark Angel assault, the 3d Fighting Company fell back, in good order, into the depths of the surrounding jungle.     

In the illustrious history of the Black Templars; a history which spans millennia, no Castellan had ever fled from battle. I would not be the first. As the most loyal of the Emperor?s children, we accept any challenge, no matter the odds. Thus, upon reaching a clearing in the deep Typhonian jungle, the remainder of our force prepared to face the pursuing Dark Angels, whose abhorrent motives remained cast in shadow.

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The Black Templars Prepare to Make their Stand

Of the 18 brethren who landed on Typhon Primaris, only 12 Battle Brothers remained. Sergeant Sceptimus, his chain sword revving eagerly, prepared to bring honor to our Chapter and the memory of Dorn with his jump-pack equipped assault squad. Sergeant Mordechai, a veteran of 1,000 battles, drew his ancient power sword, Purity, and steeled the brothers of his tactical squad to counterattack with all the fury of our Crusade. Sergeants Aximand and Merrik, both in charge of devastator squads, prepped their heavy bolters for the coming engagement, praying silently to the machine spirits of their intricate weapons. Finally, a squad of anxious neophytes, readied to prove themselves worthy of initiation into the ranks of our brotherhood.


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Castellan Raimer Prays with the Neophytes

And so, prepared to confront the treachery of the Angels, we waited, praying upon bended knee?

O, Emperor, in wrath rejoicing
At bloody wars; fierce
And untamed.
Whose mighty power doth make
The strongest walls from their
Foundations shake.
All conquering Master of
Be pleased with this war?s
Tumultuous roar.
Delight in swords and fists red
With the alien blood, and the dire ruin of savage battle
Rejoice in furious challenge, and
avenging strife, whose works with
woe embitter human life!

It was not long before the first Dark Angels appeared; shattering the recently returned silence of the forlorn Typhonian jungle. Breaking through the lush vegetation, a unit of tactical battle brothers stormed forward. Sergeant Sceptimus and his assault Marines launched into the midst of the Dark Angels. Unprepared for the speed and ferocity of Sergeant Sceptimus? vertical attack, the Dark Angel tactical squad fell back after losing a number of battle brothers to the teeth of the chain swords belonging to the Black Templar assault squad. The adamantine teeth of these whining blades bit through the ceramite of the Dark Angels? armour. A Dark Angels techmarine appeared to rally the remnants of the broken tactical squad, who now turned and began laying down steady bolter fire from behind cover.

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The Dark Angels Reach the Jungle Clearing           

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Sgt. Sceptimus Assaults

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Dark Angel Techmarine Rallying

Sergeant Aximand anchored our left flank with his devastators; the steady fire of their heavy bolters, suppressing the Dark Angels. No force, no matter how brave and strong could withstand the volume of sustained fire laid down by Aximand and his battle brothers. Their Hellfire bolter rounds tore through both the surrounding cover and the armour plate of the Dark Angels alike. Once again, the Dark Angels began to fall back towards the safety of the dense jungle.

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Aximand moves to secure the Templar left

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Devastators in position

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Heavy Bolters in Action



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