A Good Case of TD - Space Run Galaxy

By Alex Connolly 09 Jun 2016 0

At a cursory glance, you'd be excused in passing on a second helping of tower defense. Perhaps the mobile space didn't help, with columns of Field Runner clones that stretched beyond the horizon and yomped in lock-step towards the historic Siege of Ennui (2007-2008). But dig beyond and the tower defense scene actually offered some interesting riffs and fusions, including the Anomaly series and, with its sequel so close you can taste the reactor coolant, Space Run.

Space Run Galaxy continues the custom mobile battery fun; players configure and expand their hex-modular craft and burn in an automated line towards their destination, fending off passive and offensive obstacles like asteroids and interloping alien squadrons with all manner of turrets. You can't call yourself a space trucker -- such as Tully Bodine -- if you're not hauling cargo, and defending your payload for delivery dictates much of your ship's design.

Despite each being a linear left-to-right burn, scores alter depending on how you complete the mission. Accruing currency from zapping anything in the firing vectors of your turrets, as well as manually loosing special abilities like turbo-lasers, can be put back into planting more turrets on the fly, but you might consider bolting on more engines.

Naturally, more engines mean more speed, and the faster you are, the better it looks for score. Of course, damaged or destroyed cargo doesn't win friends, so the risk/reward in Space Run Galaxy remains one of its more enjoyable conceits.

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The big new wrinkle is the addition of a persistent online universe. Players can trade, build contracts for others and generally live within a cosmic Chittagong; life amid the high-stakes rumble of travel and trade. Moreover, if you pull a proverbial Kessel run in less than however many parsecs, that record will stand for all to see and best.

The little I've played of Space Run Galaxy has been very promising. Cathartic in the way a good tower defense game should be, with a decent meta-game implementation, itches are being scratched. 

Preorders gain access to the beta, with release on June 18.



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