Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy makes its way to iPad

By Dave Neumann 11 Dec 2015 0

That's no moon

Released in April for PC/Mac, Slitherine's tactical space shoot 'em up, Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy, has made the move to our iPads this week. 

Star Hammer is a single-player only affair in which you'll control a fleet of ships battling the evil--and slimy--Nautilids, a squid-like alien race which wan...well, does it matter? They look like squids. There are six different ship types for you to build your fleet with, from fast and fragile Raiders to gigantic Dreadnoughts. Combat is real-time, but pausible. Thus, you can pause the game and give your ships orders, which will then play out in real-time once the game is unpaused. There are over 60 different scenarios to play through in a branching campaign, which means that you won't see every scenario in a campaign playthrough. Aside from the campaign, there is also a scenario creator that will let you build one-off skirmish battles.

It's not just ships you're controlling, as you're also respsonsible for building and maintaining crew on your ships as well as directing your ships energy resources. Need more power to shields or to your lasers? That choice is yours.

Star Hammer is availalble on iPad right now for $15. You can also pick it up on Steam for PC/Mac, where it's getting some rave reviews.



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