Steam Halloween Sale 2018 Top Picks

By Joe Robinson 30 Oct 2018 0

It may be a sale focused on a specific event, but Steam’s 2018 Halloween Sale still provides some opportunities for wargamers to pick up a good bargain.

Because this isn’t a big seasonal event (the Autumn sale isn’t until the end of November, so the rumour mill says), not everything is currently discounted, and even games that are running a discount aren’t necessarily running their best historical price.

Below is a collection of deals we think you may be interested in, along with commentary on recent price fluctuations.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is running a crazy sale, which is timely has it just received a new DLC pack. All of the different SKUs are running at a 75% discount, apart from the new Ostfront Veteranen DLC which is still full price.

  • The game has been sold cheaper, but we’re only talking £1 difference between this sale and the 2018 Summer Sale, so you’re not holding out for much.
  • You can also pick up this game along with Ancestor’s Legacy at a price that essentially means you’re getting AS2 for free. Ancestors is one of our favourite RTS games, and worth checking out.

Halloween 18 SD44

It’s sad that development on Steel Division (Review) is probably going to wind down now that Eugen are throwing their all into Steel Division II, but if you’re looking to pick up the series’ origins on the cheap, now may be a good time since it’s 66%. It’s still one of our favourite WW2 strategy games and deserved a better shot at life than it got.

  • This discount level has been the lowest the game has gone for a while. It’s unlikely the game will go any cheaper, not before SD2 releases, at least.
  • Individual DLCs are 50% off, while buying the complete bundle currently runs at a 63% discount.

Unity of Command Halloween 18

Unity of Command 2 is still in the works, and it continues to excite us, but if you’ve never tried out the original game, it’s once again being practically given away at an 85% discount. The DLCS are also being sold for this price, and you can buy the Trilogy Bundle for 85% off as well.

  • This game has never been cheaper, so I wouldn’t bother holding out for better.

Looking at great naval wargames, The Ironclad guys are practically giving away most of their collection as well. Apart from Clad in Iron: Philippines 1898 and Gulf of Mexico 1864 (which are still full price) you can pick up their previous titles at a ridiculous 90% off.

  • A new entry, Clad in Iron: Sakhalin 1904, is due out on November 5th.

Clad in Iron 18

Matrix Games & Slitherine are running a 25% discount across all of their games during this Halloween event. In the past, this would be considered quite a respectable discount for the stoic wargames publisher however over the past year or so they’ve been engaging in bigger and bigger discounts, especially during the big seasonal events.

We honestly wouldn’t recommend picking up any Slitherine games from Steam during this sale. They’ve been cheaper on pretty much all of their games in the past. One exception could be Field of Glory 2 – It was cheaper during the last Summer Sale, but only by a couple of pounds so you’re not missing out on much. Otherwise, the Autumn Sale is supposed to be at the end of the month, with the Winter Sale landing at the end of December. You'll probably find better discounts then. They won't be worse, at the very least.

Have you picked up any Steam war games cheap or seem any other great deals? Let us know!



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