You can still catch all the main talks from the Steam Tabletop Fest

By Joe Robinson 26 Oct 2020 0

The Steam Tabletop Fest is nearly over. At the time of writing you've still got a few more hours to enjoy the sale & discounts, but all of the talks and livestreams wrapped up yesterday. If you missed out on these originally, fear not - Valve have uploaded a bunch of videos to their YouTube channel so you can watch them back.

They've only saved the 'Main Stage' steams so not everything will have been archived, but there's around forty or so videos you can check-out, including some on wargames. Oh by the way, did anyone else know that Victory at Sea: Ironclad was a thing? Because I certainly didn't. They snuck that one by, didn't they? I guess this means we're not going to see many more significant changes to Victory at Sea: Pacific, which is a shame.

Original Story: As we reported at the end of September, Steam’s ‘Tabletop Fest’ event has begun. From now until October 26th, there will be a range of discounts on digital board games and adjacent titles, as well as lives streams and sessions from developers.

There’s some discounts available on titles like Fantasy General II, Victory & Glory: Napoleon, and Wars Across the World, to name but a few. Early Access wargame Labyrinth: War on Terror (a digital adaptation of GMT’s CDG of the same name) is also running a discount.

Not only can you pick up some excellent strategy and wargames on the cheap, but there is also a schedule of live-streamed game sessions and talks running right through the weekend.

Highlights just from today include a live-stream of Field of Glory II, a look at Kards with developer 1939 Games and WW2 historian Ari Gudni Hauksson, and even a live Q&A with the designer of Twilight Struggle, Jason Matthews.

steam tabletop fest wargame event schedule

Tomorrow’s highlights include another Twilight Struggle themed Q&A, this time with Ananda Gupta, a ‘Wargames panel' and a look at the new Fantasy General II DLC for anyone who’s not planning on picking it up right away. There’s more events on Saturday and Sunday as well, with the action stopping Sunday evening.

Make sure you check the event schedule out when you get a moment, to see if there are any talks you’d like to do - a full day of programming has already passed, which included a talk with legendary designer Steve Jackson.



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