Steel Division Heads East – Steel Division 2 Announced

By Joe Robinson 25 Jul 2018 4

Eugen Systems have just announced a sequel to their real-time tactical WW2 war game, Steel Division: Normandy ’44.

Steel Division II, as it is currently known, is set on the Eastern Front and primarily covers Operation Bagration, which was fought between 22nd of June and 19th of August 1944 when the Red Army launched an offensive into Belorussia (present day Belarus).

Historically, the operation was a resounding success for the Soviet Union and gave them a foothold In eastern Poland and within striking distance of Warsaw.

Steel Division II will feature solo, co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. The solo mode especially will be getting what Eugen are calling a ‘Strategic Dynamic Campaign’, which is a brand new  game mode that puts you in charge of an entire army on strategic maps of up to 150x100 kilometres. It will be turn-based and offer a 1:1 scale.

There will be 25 individual tactical maps, over 600 units, and game modes such as Conquest, Destruction Attack/Defence as well as their iconic 10v10 modes. There will also be a new deck system for battlegroup customisation.

SD 2 1

Curiously, it seems Eugen are for the moment going solo on this game; there’s mp Paradox Interactive branding to be seen anywhere. As much as we loved the first title, there were plenty of rumours that it didn’t sell well and/or had a very low player-base.

Eugen’s previous RTS/wargame franchise – Wargame – was ultimately let down by a fractured player-base spread across too many releases. I hope Steel Division doesn’t fall down the same hole.

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