Steel Division 2 Black Sunday Announced

By Joe Robinson 11 Jun 2020 1

No sooner have Steel Division 2 developers Eugen released the Tribute to D-Day pack to the measles, they’ve now followed up with an official announcement regarding their next expansion pack for the Eastern Front WW2 war game. Steel Division 2: Black Sunday focuses on the Soviet Jassy-Kichinev operation in late August 1944, where the goal was to knock Romania out of the war and also encircle the German 6th Army.

Support for the war in Romania was starting to fray, and this proved to be too good an opportunity to miss.

Black Sunday will feature six new divisions, three for each side and the Axis divisions are all going to be from the Romanian army. There will also be two fully-fleshed out Army General campaigns (one for reach of the flanking operations - Jassy & Tiraspol) as well as 150 new units, 2 new aces and 16 new camouflage skins, to name but a few things (voice overs, anyone?).

This is the third and final (so far) pack in the ‘History Pass’ that Eugen have been selling since the game launched. This content pass nets you this newest expansion and the previous two packs Fate of Finland & Death on the Vistula. All three packs are also available to buy separately, but buying the season pass nets you a slight discount on the entire bundle.

steel division 2 new units

As well as the History Pass content and one-off packs like the D-Day pack, Eugen have also released nine free updates that are available as separate ‘Free-LC’ downloads from the Steam store. These include everything from new divisions and mechanics, to the most recent pack (#9) which adds the ability to play the various Army General campaigns in competitive 1v1 matches online.

There’s no news yet when Black Sunday is going to be released, so we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, you can read more about the newly announced expansion on the official steam bulletin.



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