Steel Division 2 ‘Fate of Finland’ DLC Announced

By Joe Robinson 20 Jan 2020 0

We don’t talk enough about Steel Division 2 here, which is a shame because it’s a wonderful (if slightly flawed) beacon of hope as to what computer war games can become. It’s already had one DLC pack, but now the second expansion is due sometime soon, and this time the focus is on Finland.

After the ‘Winter War’ of 1939, Finland actually ended up allying with Nazi Germany in an attempt to reclaim the land they lost, and so come 1944 they were fighting alongside the Germans as the Soviets launched their big counter-offensive up and down the front:

The “Fate of Finland” DLC deals with the massive Red Army assault, which began on June 10th, 1944 and resulted in the breakthrough of several defensive lines on the fortified Karelian Isthmus, the subsequent fall of Vyborg, and near-collapse of the Finnish Army. The centerpiece is the crucial battle of Tali-Ihantala, where the resilient Finns finally managed to stop the Soviet advance - but at great cost.

The pack is going to come with over 200 new units, a new ‘trait’, a new Army General campaign, as well as six new divisions, three for each side:

The Axis

  • Panssaridivisioona - As the sole armored division of the Finnish Army, this military formation can count on a wide array of different vehicles and tanks, from T-38 and T-50 to the BT-42 assault gun.
  • Ryhmä Raappana - Meaning “Group Raappana” is an infantry force made up of regular riflemen, cavalry troops, assault Jääkäri and more. Excellent on the defense and in close-combat situations.
  • 122. Infanterie-Division - German reinforcements rushed north to stem the Soviet tide. This division also fields Estonian volunteers and the powerful Luftwaffe air group “Detachment Kuhlmey”.

The Allies

  • 126-y L. Gornostrelkovy Korpus - This Soviet division features elite infantry, including mountain troops, as well as a powerful airforce consisting of lend-lease A-20, P-40 Kittyhawk, and Hurricanes.
  • Podv. Gruppa Vyborg - One of the ad-hoc military formations of the Leningrad Front, this mobile group is heavily armored, and includes various T-26 tank variants to the mighty IS-2 and even Churchill tanks.
  • 358-ya Strelkovy Div. - The veterans of Vitebsk, this rebuilt division was redeployed north to spearhead the assault on the Finnish defensive lines. Very experienced, this battlegroup features brand-new ISU-122S tank destroyers.

We don’t know exactly when this DLC is due to drop, but it’s allegedly due sometime within the next two months. This is the second of three DLCs promised as part of the ‘History Pass’ expansion pass that’s currently on sale.

You can read more information in the official announcement post here.



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