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By Nik Gaukroger 24 Sep 2014 0

Earlier this year, May to be more precise, Matrix Games (well, the Slitherine part of the group to once again be more correct) released Frontline: Road to Moscow, an iPad game that appeared to be aiming at a wider audience than their more hardcore wargames games such as Panzer Corps. You can check out what our first impressions of this were here. Slitherine?s Iain McNeil claimed it was a fairly successful experiment (see here) and the game was later ported over to PC as well as you can read here. 

Well it now appears that there may well be a whole series of these games as Slitherine have just announced that they are opening up a beta programme for Frontline: The Longest Day and you can read more info below. This time the game is going to be released on iOS (so phone and iPad) and PC from the start ? well, to be honest we?re guessing that it?ll be the same time as the beta looks like it is on all these platforms, but if we hear different we?ll let you know. With this cross platform release coming up, I can?t help but wonder if it indicates the approach that Slitherine/Matrix/Ageod may now take with the recently acquired Shenandoah Studio games ? it would certainly seem a logical step and, I expect, would prove popular with players. 

We will, of course, be looking to preview and review Frontline: The Longest Day as soon as we can, however, one thing that I notice from the screenshots is that the graphic style has changed a bit. The infantry icons are no longer the cut off at the waist style of Frontline: Road to Moscow but are now full figures, legs and all J This suggest to me that there is a bit of a move away from trying to reach out to those who aren?t normally immediately interested in wargames, and a shift back towards the core audience ? or maybe I?m reading too much into this ? 

The full press release follows after these teaser screenshots ?

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Epsom, UK ? September 24, 2014.

?Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely.? (Dwight D. Eisenhower ? Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe) 

June 1944 ? The Axis is retreating on all fronts. The German army does not have the strategic initiative anymore and is trying to strengthen its defensive lines in order to stop the progress of Russian forces on the Eastern Front, and to prevent any landing from the Allied forces in the West. The Atlantic Wall seems unbreakable but rumors about a possible seaborne invasion in the north of France puts the German commanders under pressure. And suddenly, on June the 6th, the Allied forces launch one of the most audacious operations of the whole war. The world?s destiny is a stake on the Normandy beaches?

Successor of the very successful Frontline: Road to Moscow that reached the top of the charts on iPad this past spring, The Longest Day moves the action west and focuses on the D-Day operation that turned the tide of the war. From developer 88mm, this new chapter of the Frontline saga preserves the strengths that made it popular ? original art direction, variety of units, and streamlined UI ? and introduces deeper gameplay elements to provide a more realistic simulation of the battlefield. As the 5 massive campaigns unfold, players will have to take into account more and more variables like landmines, flanking maneuvers, and encirclements in order to breach the heavy Axis defensive lines.

The game is now ready to enter the beta phase on iPad, iPhone and PC. And we invite players to help us test it! By signing up for the beta, players will have a chance to visit the Normandy beaches before release and help us with the final touches, ensuring a smooth release on iOS and PC later this year.

Players can sign up for the beta by clicking here.

Get more information on Frontline ? The Longest Day from its official product page


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