Stepan Out, Razin Hell - New Trailer for Cossacks 3

By Alex Connolly 17 Jun 2016 0

Of all the RTS titles this year, the unreleased Cossacks 3 has to be the most intriguing. A sleeper two-swing belter from the early Oughts; heavy-going fare with some good strategic layering to its brand of massed troop engagement. The same engine was used to craft its fantasy counter-part in the marvelously-titled Heroes of Annihilated Empires, of which could have been another fantastic RTS series, had GSC Game World not gone under.

But, they're back, and Cossacks 3 is trudging closer to release. 

No firm dates beyond a nebulous 2016, though the release of the trailer below has me feeling the slip of salivary glands spooling up. Prussia features, and it looks like no concessions have been made in the intervening years. It still retains the bulk-bought pomp of columns and the pluming brace of musketry the original games proffered. Moreover, technology has brought the terrain up to speed and seeing mounted troops thunder over the undulating topography satisfies in a way not seen since Ultimate General: Gettysburg.

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There's a laundry list of features to run through, but if the idea of 10,000 troops per battlefield appeals, Cossacks 3 might be your kit. It's also a safe bet to suggest Hadron Collider rigs aren't required. 

  • Breathtaking historical real-time strategy.
  • Actions unfold in Europe in the XVII–XVIII centuries.
  • Five singleplayer historical campaigns.
  • 12 playable nations.
  • Grandiose battles of up to 10,000 units on the map.
  • Realistic physics of bullets and cannonballs.
  • Considerable influence of the landscape on battle tactics.
  • Infinite variations of battles with computer enemies on random maps.
  • Flexible generator of random maps with selection of a preferable landscape.
  • Windows, Mac OS and Linux support.

We'll keep you posted on the state of Cossacks 3. You can follow the developers on Twitter or hit up the official page for more massed formation ogling.

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