The Strategic Command series has gotten a nice engine update

By Ian Boudreau 18 Feb 2020 0

Fury Software's latest run of large-scale military strategy games have all gotten big patches at around the same time, and that's because the developers have gone under the hood of the game engine that powers all three and done some tightening up. Strategic Command WWII: World at War, Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe, and Strategic Command: World War I all have been patched, and the notes for each are lengthy.

Strategic Command WWII: World at War has been updated to version 1.06.00, while War in Europe is now at 1.17.00. World War I, meanwhile, is now at version 1.01.03.

The updates to the engine cover a broad range of bugs, many of which were identified by community members. There are several tweaks to how rules work, with particular attention paid to port attacks and blockades. Now, for example, attacks on a port will damage the port first, and then follow up with a 100% chance to damage any transport in the port. In the WW2 games, you'll find that AI planes are no longer allowed to fly over neutral territory on their attack runs, which is certainly welcome news.

You can read the patch notes in full on the Steam forums for each game:

These games have become some of our favourites in the past few years, as you can read in our reviews: Bill Gray was delighted with World War I and World at War last year, while JR Renaud spent many happy hours with War in Europe back in 2016. Naturally, it's great to see them receiving continued support.



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