Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism is out now

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The latest entry in Starni Games’ Strategic Mind series has just been released. Spectre of Communism takes the Panzer General-like turn-based wargame to the eastern front and puts you in the shoes of the Red Army as it struggles against Germany during the second world war.

You’ll be getting a new narrative driven campaign that will span around twenty scenarios and over 80 hours of play, across historical and some ‘what if’ alt-history operations.

Spectre of Communism is the third Strategic Mind game, following on from Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg which gave you control of the Wehrmacht through the key beats of WW2, and Strategic Mind: The Pacific, which covered the Pacific theatre and let you play as both the US and Japan.

Starni Games’ debut title was Panzer Strategy, and they’re also working on a fourth Strategic Mind game called Fight for Freedom, which will also be set in Europe but feature a British and a US campaign.

Returning to this new title, here’s everything you need to know in terms of headline features:

  • Upgrade and customize your troops as they level up - tailoring their skills to best suit your strategy.
  • Provide your troops with additional equipment for each operation.
  • Receive a number of awards throughout the game and get access to unique HQ skills, can increase the efficiency and synergy of your troops.
  • Acquire new units from across ten different classes.
  • Capture trophies and employ some of the enemy`s most advanced units against them in future battles.
  • Immerse yourself in the story with over 60 minutes of cinematics.

Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism is available on PC via Steam and for $29.99 USD / £24.99.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Starni Games.



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