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By Bill Gray 13 Nov 2019 4

The last time I wrote on this subject was August, so the Boss wants a final update for the year. Accordingly, here is what’s coming out over the next few months, plus anything from our previous article still awaiting release (marked as SIQ, for Still in Queue).

This means some companies might not be listed at all because everything noted previously has dropped, and nothing new is on the horizon. Also, given the size of the two genres invariably somebody will be left out, even more so when my own personal interests flavor the stew. No slight intended, apologies up front, and with that said, we’ve a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Board War Games

It’s easier to track cardboard counter gaming because for the most part, the games are designed and produced by a few major full time businesses, all in the US, all advertising future releases extensively. One continuing trend will be the remastered publication of classic wargames past.

Legion Boer WarClash of Arms Games

Located north of Philly, and noted for expanding La Bataille de la Moscowa into other Napoleonic and Lace Wars battles, complexity and detail is its forte. Per COAs In Progress Page, new games out soon are:

Operational Studies Group

Run by renowned Napoleonic designer Kevin Zucker,  the firm is totally 1st Empire oriented, continuously upgrading and producing new games of the Napoleon’s Last Battles and Napoleon at Bay variety.

  • Napoleon’s Wheel ($99 US) - hex, brigade level game of the 1805 battles of Ulm, Durrenstein, Schoengrabern and Austerlitz.

  • Preorder Pack IV ($198 US pre-order) – three separate hex, brigade level games covering battles in Spain1808 – 1809, the Po Valley Campaign 1796 and the Piedmont Campaign 1796. SIQ.

  • Napoleon at Bay Expansion Kit ($25 US) – new counters and other content provided to make the game compatible and integrate with the Library of Napoleonic Battles system. NEW.

GMT Games

GMT’s needs 500 pre-orders before the company will publish a game. Including reprints and Euro games, 59 games made the cut with 12 at the printers. Of the latter, here are the best new wargames:

  • Nevsky: Teutons and Rus in Collision 1240 – 42 ($80 US) - not my cup of borscht, but a very unique grand strategic game covering Russian Orthodoxy’s push back against the Catholic West - politics, battles and personalities using very attractive wooden game pieces. SIQ.

  • Samurai Battles ($82 US) – Richard Borg’s Command & Colors series expands to the Land of the Rising Sun. NEW.

  • Next War: Vietnam ($89 US) – the last time China invaded Vietnam was 1979, and this game envisions a modern, operational level replay of the fight, with possible US intervention. NEW.

  • Rebel Fury ($58 US) – Mark Herman’s take on the SPI Blue & Gray Quad series, updated, expanded and covering five battles from the Chickamauga and Chancellorsville campaigns. NEW.

  • Banish All Their Fears ($65 US) – from Mr Pike & Shot Ben Hull, the first game in his Musket and Bayonet series, covering the battles of Blenheim and Neerwinden at the battalion level. NEW.

  • Russian Campaign ($60 US) – still waiting for the release of John Edwards Avalon Hill WWII classic, now with your choice of silhouette or NATO symbol counters. NEW.

Decision Games

This company is the lineal descendent of SPI plus S&T, and has the following games in the pipeline.

Compass Games

Compass has rapidly expanded is product line in part by republishing totally remastered classic, older games such as Decision at Kasserine. Of 19 titles on preorder, out in the next three months are (all New!):

ostkrieg map

Lock and Load Games

LnLP produces fine boardgames often with computer editions, the following still available for preorder:

  • Trial of Strength, 2nd Edition ($89 US) - strategic World War II, Eastern Front. SIQ.

  • Kontact Now: Red Eclipse ($59 US) - tactical Cold War gone hot, West Germany 1980s and 90s. SIQ.

  • World at War 85 ($100 to $125 US) - platoon level combat during World War III, 1985, this series has eight games to include six on NATO v Warsaw Pact, one Arab-Israeli and one US v China. SIQ.

  • Valley of Hell, the Invasion of Laos ($34.95 US) – the ARVN 1971 invasion. New!
  • Operation Thunderclap ($34.99 US) – the attempted rescue of the German 6th Army surrounded at Stalingrad, division level. Part of the Battles on Demand series, other games in the works cover Arnhem and diplomatic engagement during WWII. New!
  • Tigers in the Snow ($69.99) – Nations at War series platoon level treatment of the 1944 German Ardennes offensive, while a second game under development looks at Stalingrad. New!

Miniature Wargaming

The opposite of the counter crew, there are very few full time firms operating, but the cottage nature of the hobby is one of its strengths. Design a figure, cast what you need as orders come in, print on demand for rules and such. Thus for every Warlord, there are dozens (actually TMP lists over 3000 firms of all types) of smaller, part time enterprises doing good work. Large or small, however, few give advance notice about upcoming product lines until preorder, most not at all. Makes it fun, but here is the latest.


By Fire & Sword

The folks from Poland continue to expand their huge and hugely successful line of Renaissance warfare products, with the following worth noting:

  • A cryptic message with image on Facebook indicating the firm would be publishing an English Civil War module for its uber popular rules system. “It will not happen quick, but will happen for 100%...” 

  • And while a By Fire & Sword rules only pdf has long been available for free download, between last article and now the firm has also released the army list portion as a separate FREE pdf download called Republic in Flames. New!

Flames of War (hammer)

Not a dig, because these guys are the GW of the historical wargaming, but in a good way. The following upcoming products were announced on their Website, all New!

  • Midwar Airbornenow available for preorder are the US Airborne/Rangers plus German Fallschirmjaeger and Italian Paracadutisti of the Folgore Division. New related army lists and command/ unit card books forthcoming are All American for the US and Death from Above for the Axis. New!

  • Battlefield in a Box– out of production for some time, this entire collection of European buildings has now been reinstated to support the firm’s recently introduced D-Day 1944 product line. New!

  • German D-Day Collection– and speaking of same, between last article and late October, this entire product line went live, 56 items with the latest models dropped as follows (all New!): 

    • Wespe 10.5cm SP Artillery Battery (GBX155)

    • SdKfz 7/1 Quad AA Platoon (GBX159)

    • Hummel 15cm SP Artillery Battery (GBX158)

    • Jagdpanzer IV Tank-Hunter Platoon (GBX151)

Warlord Games

The firm recently launched their Black Seas age of sail miniature rules and model line, so obviously there are a few things in the till for December, as well as some other items associated with other games::

  • Black Seas US Navy – available for pre-order is the USS Constitution, US Navy Fleet and US Navy Battle Line (a combo pack of the fleet, Old Ironsides and related scenery). New!

  • Black Seas Spanish Navy – available for preorder is the Santissima de Trinidad (the 130 gunner whose broadsides make the earth move – in Singapore), Spanish Fleet and Battle Line. New!

  • SPQR Germania – in support of the firms warband (skirmish) ancients rules, the Germans are coming, to include Heroes (Arminius and the lads), Warband Command, Warriors, Skyclad Warriors (as in sans clothes), Archers, Cavalry and Cavalry Command. New!

  • Blood Red Skies Air Strike – OK, this is a weird one. The title seems a very simple supplement for the Blood Red Skies WWII air war system, but the rule book covers ground attack exclusively. I found nothing on the Warlord Website, but several retailers have it listed with cover image for preorder ($32 US) confirming a release next month. But outside a blog and pod cast . . . well, stay tuned. New?

SPQR Germania

Cigar Box Battle Mats 

The company’s September Kickstarter for front and back printed mats was wildly successful ($11,000 goal, $58,000 received, shipping next month), with a lot of brand new designs unlocked to include Urban Warfare, Desert Warfare, Jungle Action, Highlands, Titan War, Space Storm, Battle of Marengo, Rattlesnake Ranch and the Old West Town of Liberty. There are also three new base designs, as well, ie, Timberland, Arid Wilderness and Plains. Check them out at the bottom of their Kickstarter page. New!

Osprey Publishing

Osprey remains the go-to source for how to paint, organize and use miniature armies. Applicable titles over the next three months are:

Osprey Publishing summary

Blue Moon 18 mm

Owned by Old Glory, this company is another of those roadblocks to progress refusing to say little about future wares until produced. Since last article the following items have hit market:

  • Wars of Oz Range – a new, upcoming rules set and miniature product line depicting the conflict between Munchkins (seriously, not kidding here) and Qualdlings against the Winkies and Gillikins. Besides wanting whatever they’re smoking, the sculpts are quite nice and who wouldn’t want to own Colonels Hardsole’s and Odie B Sourdough’s personal regiments? Preview on the OG home page. New!

  • Napoleonic Range – Prussian Landwehr lancers and the entire Spanish army line have been introduced. New!

  • French Revolution Range – a brand new range with Austrian line infantry and gunners, as well as French infantry of various types introduced, to include the Vendean Rebellion. Obviously, cavalry guns, Russians, etc, should soon be released as well. New!

munchkin minis


This last-minute addition concerns a new, 256-page Napoleonic rules set and reference from the same French author as the uber popular Art de la Guerre. The official Website indicates only a French edition, but if a new WI Flip Thru is correct, an English version is forthcoming or already out. New!

Are there any miniature or board wargame projects still to come in 2019 that you're excited about? Let us know in the comments and we can add them to the list! 



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