Take a look at Cossacks, the latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV

By Dylan Love 04 Dec 2015 0

Europa Universalis IV has launched its sixth expansion, “Cossacks,” bringing the historic Cossack military to life in the grand, renowned strategy game by Paradox Interactive. Get a taste of the brutality that awaits you in this launch trailer, which gives an overview of what you can expect to see in the expansion.

The lead designer of this popular Paradox game, Martin Anward, elaborates on some of its finer points in a developer diary video embedded below, and as Europa Universalis IV is a wargame on an epic scale, there are a lot of finer points: the states in your country behave differently depending on how you interact with them, perhaps attempting to grab power from you if they feel mistreated. Diplomatic feedback features will let you control your relationships with your artificial intelligence allies—set desires on which land you want and your allies will likely help you get it, but your enemies will likely vie for it first. It’s all the complications of historically accurate war, but made fun.

Here’s Martin:

We caught up with him outside of his video to get a few quick questions answered.

Did you ever expect to release a *sixth* expansion?!

Well, the game was released with four major expansions planned, and given that CK2 was doing better than ever at the time, 2½ years after its release, I think the answer actually has to be yes.

What kinds of challenges did developers come across in building computer models to simulate historical geopolitics, all while making it part of a fun game at the same time?

There's a lot of challenges involved with finding just the right balance of historicity - maintaining the feeling and flavor of the era, without getting bogged down in too much realism. I think we've found a pretty good balance in our games, in that we try to introduce important elements of history, but always with the caveat that if it can't be made into good gameplay, it doesn't belong in the game.

Are all the Paradox designers as cool as Martin?

Definitely. We actually had to move offices because the sheer volume of our coolness simply couldn't fit into the old ones.

Cossacks is a $20 expansion available for purchase through Steam and the Paradox website. You’ll of course need the $40 Europa Universalis: IV first to take advantage of it.



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