Take Command: 2nd Manassas - Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill)

By Matthew Flanigan 05 Sep 2012 0



Using Take Command: 2nd Manassas, I will be recreating the Battle of Chantilly. This battle was fought on 1 September 1862 and is perhaps the most well-known rearguard action of the war. Following the disastrous Union defeat at Manassas, Confederate General Thomas ?Stonewall? Jackson conducted a wide flanking march in an attempt to cut off the Union Army?s line of retreat. At Chantilly two Union divisions under Generals Isaac Stevens and Phillip Kearny attacked the Confederate forces in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm and foiled Jackson?s plans. While the Union attack failed to drive the Confederates from the field and cost both Stevens and Kearny their lives, it succeeded in buying the Union Army under General John Pope sufficient time to withdraw. In this scenario I will take on the role of General Isaac Stevens who launched his division of less than 3000 men into a wall of Confederates of more than 15,000 men. Did I succeed in buying the Union Army enough time to continue its retreat? Find out below!


Video After Action Review


Video after action review written and produced by: Matthew Flanigan



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