The Cold War begins on Wednesday with the release of Twilight Struggle for PC/Mac

11 Apr 2016 0

Of all the board game ports we've been waiting for, none have created more anticipation than the card-driven Cold War title, Twilight Struggle. Published by GMT Games back in 2005, it became a huge hit and, until recently, was considered the #1 game over at BoardGameGeek (it's still ranked #2). It was in development hell until 2014 when it was announced that Playdek would be taking over the reins and over the weekend we learned that it's finally coming to our laptops this Wednesday, April 13.

The game will be available for PC and Mac on Steam, with the iOS/Android version to follow down the road. Our last update indicated that the AI needed some work, and it sounds like that may still be the case. However, by opening up the app to more players, they'll be able to have the AI learn more and become better as time goes on. 

Our focus for the game after this release will be our continued effort to implement AI. By releasing the game to a larger player-base soon, we will be able to generate more game data to use for AI training.

The game will have asynchronous multiplayer using Playdek's own network meaning that when the mobile version comes online, multiplayer will be fully cross-platform. It also means you'll need to create a Playdek account when you log into the game, but if you have a Playdek account from any of their previous titles, that will work as well.

If you've been a beta tester, Playdek warns that your profile and any ongoing games or saved games will be deleted sometime today when the retail servers go live. 




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