The Little Corporal unleashed as AGEod releases Wars of Napoleon for PC

By Dylan Love 03 Dec 2015 0

AGEod’s highly touted and long-anticipated Wars of Napoleon launches today.

It aims to be the most detailed and comprehensive strategy game ever conceived about this period of military history. Players will control their historically accurate armies through four different campaigns stretching the early part of the 19th century in a bid to conquer Europe—including Napoleon’s fated Battle of Waterloo.

Wars of Napoleon gameplay incorporates all the delights and complexities of diplomacy, treaties, passage rights, insurrection, and even satellite nations in your quest to squash your opponents. You’ll play as one of seven different nations—France, Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, Austria, Spain, and the Ottoman Empire—to build supply networks, forage the land for resources, and generally make your enemies suffer.

For those interested in departing from history, no worries at all: the game supports reforming your nation and army any way you see fit. Special “What if?options will let you shape the course of the war in line with your strategy—for example, you might ensure that the United States sides with France against Great Britain in 1812.

If you dig historic warfare and want to relive it from a commander’s perspective without the risking death or giving up electricity, this is the ticket. A digital download costs $39 and a special boxed edition (which includes the digital download) will run you $49. Both are available from Ageod’s website.

Here’s the almighty launch trailer to whet your wargaming appetites:



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